Know us

Our guarantee is the quality of the product. Our compromise is to offer you the best service.

Since 1969 we are a family business dedicated to fuel distribution. We can supply either from the petrol station located in Purias (Lorca) or provide you with home delivery of diesel, red diesel and heating oil. Apart from Murcia, we also operate in neighboring provinces such as Almería and Granada. 

·       PRODUCT: we exclusively work with fuels that are refined according to the highest production standards and offer a guarantee for our customers. Therefore, we only commercialize product from CLH facilities in Cartagena (Murcia).

·       QUALITY: quality is controlled not only from the origin but also afterwards. In addition, our piping system is audited periodically for your tranquility and ours.

·       PRICE: we buy fuel daily what means that we can obtain better prices by two sources-volume and frequency of purchase. We transmit these advantages straight to our customers and negotiate our supply conditions everyday for you.  

·       SERVICE: we know that your business or your home comfort may depend on a fuel delivery in time. Thus, our fleet of lorries is available 24 hours for you.

If you need to buy heating oil for your central heating or fuel for your business do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information that you may need. 

Visit us 

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We are located at:

Carreterra de Pulpí, km 5,3

30.813 Purias - Lorca (Murcia)

The petrol station is open everyday:

  • From 6 am to 10 pm in Summer time
  • From 6 am to 9 pm in Winter time

Our office is open from Monday to Saturday:

  • Morning: from 6 am to 2pm
  • Afternoon: from 4 pm to 22 pm in Summer time and from 4 pm to 21 pm in Winter time. Saturday afternoon closed. 

Place your order and other queries

  • Call us: 968 482282 / 482553
  • Address your email to in order to place your order or for any other query. We would be delighted to help you.